Chapel of the Flowers

Wish best wishes from family and friends, we are married in Chapel of Flowers.

Ring & Flowers

Our hands held together, we proudly show our wedding rings.

We Met

We met first timoe in Wonderland, Toronto. 2008.

We are in Love

We met again and fell in love on a full moon day in 2011.

We are Married

Married in Las Vegas September 2016.

Even when We grow older

Even when we grow older, we will not seperate.

Jumping under Chichen Itza, Mexico

Trip to Cuba, Mexico. We jump under Chichen Itza

Riding on Horse backs

We go horse riding on TT's birthday.

Breakfast in Santorini, Greece

Honeymoon on the most beautiful island on earth. 2017

Holding hands in Piazza di Spagna, Italy

Relive the scene in the Movie "Roman Holiday". 2017

Dinner on Cruise, Carribean

Cruising on the biggest cruise ship in the world, Harmony of the Seas. 2018

Sunshine with family, Puerto Rico

On holiday with family. 2018